Administration and e-licenses

All parking licenses are issued electronically in order to minimize the burden of administration as well as improving the AutoPark experience. E-licenses can be issued or cancelled with immediate effect, and the cumbersome task of issuing physical paper licenses is non-existing.

Electronic Licenses is the database where all permits of AutoPark is registered. AutoPark and Electronic Licensee has been developed to supplement each other. Both system has been gradually improved upon over the years. Today, both systems are incredibly stable and very user-friendly. Electronic licenses have never failed, and currently have nearly 100.000 registered licenses. This is a testimony to the system’s stability.


AutoPark works in conjunction with the self-service portal Users such as individuals, shops or large organizations can rent a parking spot in a AutoPark facility. The user subscribes on a monthly or yearly basis. The subscription costs vary depending on the AutoPark facility. We can manage the service in-house, or alternatively we can provide access to the AutoPark database, so that the owner can manage it by themselves.

Your own graphical interface

AutoPark supports software APIs which means companies can construct a graphical interface of AutoPark for their intranet, website or Android based units. Furthermore, we have developed an AutoPark tablet/smartphone app which makes it easy to issue e.g. guest licenses. This functionality is ideal for restaurants or stores, which can offer their customers discounts or free parking. For example: A tablet with the AutoPark app is placed at the entrance. The customer enters registration number, which gives them an extra hour of free parking.

All of our software solutions are ‘cloud’ based, and will not require an in-house server or IT resources. Everything is handled digitally, as the ANPR cameras provide the data to the system. This also means that almost all thinkable variables can be fine-tuned within a short time frame according to our customers’ wishes. There is no need to configure gate-systems. Even our payment machines fetch data from our ‘cloud’ based software.

We work closely in cooperation with our customers in order to improve our products portfolio. This means that our customers’ wishes for improvements and ideas often get implemented into AutoPark. We put a lot of effort into continuously improving AutoPark and have done so for years now. All small kinks and errors have been ironed out, so that all aspects of AutoPark are a glitch free experience.