The Self-Service portal MitCP is designed to enhance the user experience of parking.

MitCP’s three main functions:

Registration of automatic payment

If the AutoPark user forgot to pay or simply opted to pay at home over the internet, payment can easily be handled here. At the user of a AutoPark facility can also register a profile with an active credit card. The user will never have to do anything actively when parking in a AutoPark facility. Payment is handled automatically.

Rent of parking spots

It is also possible for users to rent a parking spot in a AutoPark facility. The user subscribes on a monthly or yearly basis. The cost of a subscription depends on the AutoPark facility. There are many benefits such as lower parking tariffs or extended parking time.

Administration of permits

At users can issue electronic and guest licenses. We realize that for e.g. a large housing association with a thousand tenants, the administration of the parking can be a large burden for the staff. But with our system the licensing of cars is outsourced to the tenants. This significant reduces the parking administration.

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