The future
of parking systems

Welcome to AutoPark

CP Parking Systems proudly presents AutoPark – the future of parking systems. AutoPark is an advanced parking system based on an intelligent camera solution. The system functions independent of gate system and p-guards. AutoPark merges new technology with state of the art service.

One of the main issues with traditional parking gates is that they slow down traffic flow. This is in particular evident when traffic peaks, and the need for a smooth traffic flow is at its highest. We also know from experience that parking gates will eventually fail because of mechanical errors, traffic accidents, vandalism etc. No matter the reason, parking gates always require high maintenance and have plenty of unforeseen costs. AutoPark makes parking gates redundant. The cameras have no mechanical parts that will eventually fail, and they are placed in areas that keeps them safe from traffic accidents or vandalism.

“It has turned out to be a huge success that customers can now just drive into the underground car park where cameras register the cars coming in and driving out. Our customers really appreciate how easy parking has become, and the payment options are diverse and easily accessible. With an AutoPark parking system, the amount of time we spend on administration has been minimised. We do not get many complaints – in fact, it is a very rare occurrence.

We have a great working relationship with City Parkeringssystemer. They are easy to reach, swift to react and their processing times are quick. The positive dialogue we have with City Parkeringssystemer forms the foundation for a good and flexible collaboration.”

Claus Christoffersen. Operating Manager, Datea.

How does it work?

We take great pride in the user experience that AutoPark offers. As illustrated in the graphics to the right, the car enters a gateless parking area. An entry ANPR camera registers the car’s license plate and entry time. The AutoPark user does not need to buy a ticket and place it on the dashboard, which is inconvenient for the user and increases the time spent in the parking area. The user may simply just park, and complete his or her errands. When it is time to leave, the user has multiple options in regards to payment.

First of all, the user may pay at one of our CP Parking Systems payment machines, which supports multiple payment methods such as credit cards, MobilePay and coins. The payment machines excel at fast credit card transactions to further support the goal of increasing traffic flow. It is our intention to fully support future payments methods such as Google’s ‘Android Pay’ and ‘Apple Pay’ when they become widely available in Denmark/Europe.


Secondly, the user may also use our online self-service portal where it is possible to pay online either by credit card or by bank transfer within a time frame of 24 hours after leaving a AutoPark facility. The user may also register a credit card at When the exit ANPR camera registers the car’s number plate leaving the AutoPark parking facility, payment will automatically be withdrawn from the registered credit card. This means that the user has no interaction with payment machines, which decreases the need for maintenance, enhances user experience and improves traffic flow.

Payment via EasyPark app

Thirdly, the user may also pay with the smartphone app ‘EasyPark’ which is a business partner of CP Parking Systems. The app is available on all the widest available platforms: AndroidiOS and Windows Mobile. The entry and exit ANPR cameras provide EasyPark app with data in regards to the duration of the parking. The duration determines the price, which is paid automatically through EasyPark app. Much like paying online at, paying with EasyPark also removes user interaction with payment machines and enhances user experience.

If no action is taken in regards to payment a letter with a payment demand is send to the car owner’s address. The address is obtained from the national number plate registry.

AutoPark is first and foremost a software system with cameras and payment machines attached – not the other way around. This means that the system is highly customizable depending on our customer’s needs. The peripherals only provide or fetch data to AutoPark, but how this data is handled is entirely up to our customers: We can easily adjust parking tariffs, manage rent of parking slots, black/whitelist certain number plates etc. AutoPark was designed with the intention of being as customizable and flexible as possible.