Below is a selection of the areas where AutoPark is already in operation. Contact us if you have questions or want an opinion from one of our partners.

Indkøbscentret Spinderiet

AutoPark has been in operation at the shopping center Spinderiet in central Valby. AutoPark replaced an expensive barrier system, which caused many problems for the center’s employees and customers. AutoPark has been in operation at Spinderiet since 2015.

Kanalhusene, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

The parking basement under the canal houses is centrally located in Kongens Lyngby next to Lyngby Storcenter. The houses contain both business premises, shops, gym, housing and much more. The parking basement is divided into two levels and has a total capacity of approximately 800 parking spaces. AutoPark is integrated with Lyngby-Taarbæk’s directions system, which is also a service we offer.

Hørsholm Midtpunkt

Hørsholm Midtpunkt is located in the middle of Hørsholm as the name suggests. The center has about 800 seats. The centre’s car parks were misused by unauthorized persons, which meant that the centre’s customers could not park when shopping. Following the implementation of AutoPark, there is now plenty of room for the center’s customers. The traffic challenges in and around the center have also been significantly improved.

Ballerup Centret

The Ballerup Center has over 1200 parking spaces available. It is also possible to rent parking spaces. The center is very close to Ballerup st. , why many take advantage of the opportunity to rent seats directly on our website

Rådhusgården, 8000 Aarhus Frederiksgade 88

The parking basement Rådhusgården is centrally located in the middle of Århus Midtby quite a few hundred meters from the city’s trademark including Rådhuset, Aros, Scandinavian Congress Center and lots of good restaurants by the pedestrian street. The hourly rates are among the lowest in the whole of Aarhus Midtby.

Havglimt, 2300 København S Amager Strandvej 20

AutoPark ensures that outside residents cannot access the residents’ vehicles, bicycles and storage space. AutoPark automatically opens the gate for vehicles. It is also possible to open the gate on a push switch, with a key (same key as for the residents’ apartments) and on a touchscreen, which can be accessed from the outside.

Høje Taastrup Transportcenter (HTTC)

At Høje Taastrup Transportcenter, AutoPark can read the dimensions of the vehicles parked on the site via a sophisticated traffic radar. The dimensions help to categorize the type of vehicle and what is to be paid for the parking. In this way, you can in a smart way give a discount to a car, while a larger truck with a trailer will of course have to pay more, as it takes up more of the parking space.